5 Star Search Celebrities & Their Self-Promotions

For some Celebrities, it’s not about the paparazzi. They also have side gigs to diversify their streams of income which in some cases constitute a large part of their finances.

Erykah Badu- Doula

Erykah Badu is a successful Grammy award-winning singer. Asides from her success in the entertainment industry, she also is a certified doula. A doula’S major responsibility is helping both physically and mentally expectant mothers. This usually spans the period of expectation down to delivery. Doulas do not provide medical care or participate in the baby’s delivery; however, they provide a lot of support to ensure the process is seamless for the expectant mother. Typically a doula earns an average of $1,500

Scarlett Johnson

Scarlett Johnson runs a gourmet popcorn shop alongside her successful movie career. Things may appear smooth for the artist be she revealed that it wasn’t all smooth as she also struggled with poverty, living on food stamps, and welfare as a child.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is securing his future with multiple streams of income. The former professional wrestler is an actor, has a production company, does some tv shows, and soon releases his second memoir. There is sure to be money always coming in.

He reveals that his drive for financial stability comes from losing his home as a child to poverty. Changing apartments more than ten times with his mum sparked up the desire to make money and keeps him going

Jay Leno

The popularly known host for Tonight’s show. His garage is also very enticing with his multimillion-dollar car collection. Leno, however, is the opposite of what his garage might be saying; he doesn’t spend it all.

He constantly looks for ways to increase his income streams and ensure that more money keeps coming in. In his early career, he worked two jobs, in which he saves the proceeds from one and the lives of the other. Despite the huge Tv deals and several contracts, Jay Leno still works multiple jobs.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremey Renner is a successful actor, popularly known for his role in “the avengers.” He has also not limited his source of income to be from acting alone. His side hustle is flipping houses. He started selling properties in the early days of his career; not a full-blown business idea, but an idea born out of necessity.

As a broke start-up actor, he combined funds with his friend to get home; however, they were offered a value twice the cost at the time, and this was it for Jeremy Renner. He has since been selling properties.

How does Star Search Self Promotion?

They use their already established fan base to grow their side hustle. It helps them to reach out to more people with just a little effort.

Authentic self-promotion means doing a great job?

To get your fans going, you should not just be certain they will like you because you are a popular celebrity. You will have to present to them something good, quality and interesting.

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